How long will it take?
All depends on the size of the area and what cleaning package you require. Most drives, paths and patios etc will be completed within one day.

What about Sanding and Sealing?
This can be only be done when all areas are completely dry,, weather permitting. We do return to complete work if not done the same day, again weather permitting.

Can work be done if raining?
The cleaning of the surface can be done if raining, but if Resanding and Sealing is required, we would have to wait for the surface to dry out.

Will I have to stay off the surface after cleaning?
After cleaning - No
After Sealing we recommend up to 3-4 hours drying time.

Do I have to be at home when the job is being done?
No - you can go about your usual daily duties. All we need off you is access to a tap point.

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